Janine Manheim was born late.

Not content to express herself in a modern art style, Janine Manheim is happiest learning and implementing ancient techniques, from encaustics, to buon fresco, to manuscript illumination to the sacred art of Iconography while working quietly in her studio on Long Island.

For Janine, asking why an artist paints a particular subject is not nearly as fascinating as asking:

  1. How did Cimabue paint his frescoes?
  2. How did Duccio paint the Maesta?
  3. How did Andrei Rublev “write” an icon? And,
  4. How did a monk, working in a scriptorium illuminate a page?
Janine Manheim
Janine started asking these questions as a student at Pratt Institute in the early 1980’s. She started answering them when she left the commercial art world to devote her energies to creating works that will long outlast an advertising campaign. Since then, she has exhibited her work in numerous galleries, and in private collections and sacred spaces throughout the United States, Italy, Korea, and the Vatican.

From grinding her own pigments, to poring over ancient texts to lingering in the Museo Dell’arte Dell’Duomo studying the masters, Janine Manheim can and will joyfully use her gifts for all projects big and small.